Staten Island Half 2016 – How to survive a race in the rain

Staten Island, New York City, starting point of the New York City Marathon. The Staten Island Half, the fifth and final race in the five-borough series, a great opportunity for a final marathon rehearsal and a tough one in 2016 with rain and cool October winds. This is how we survived! And why it is worthwhile to visit Staten Island again on a sunny day.

Staten Island Half Marathon – 13.1 miles through southernmost part of New York City

This Sunday morning it was raining cats and dogs when we took the Staten Island Ferry towards Richmond County Bank Ballpark, home of the Staten Island Yankees and finish line of the Staten Island Half. Starting on Bay Street and Slosson Terrace the race winds over rolling hills, passing Fort Wadsworth, starting point of the New York City Marathon. Due to the heavy rain the boardwalk on South Beach was to slippery, forcing the race to shorten the part along the beautiful South Beach shorefront and instead running on the paved Boulevard. After the turn and on the way back we passed again Ford Wadsworth, with a quick view toward Manhattan in the fog and rain. Heading back towards ballpark, ready to cross the finish line at home plate or at that time mud plate!



5 Tips how to survive a race in the rain

After the 20km de Lausanne and the Aargau Marathon relay, the Staten Island Half was not our first Half Marathon completely in the rain. It might be helpful to consider the following five tips to survive your next race in the rain:

  1. Dress smart! You don’t want to wear too many layers, but you will bring enough clothes and a pair of shoes to get changed after the race and stay dry and warm!
  2. Stay dry until the start! You want to take a rain poncho with you to the start line. Once you get started, get rid of it. And wear a head or cap to keep the rain out of your face (and glasses!)
  3. Stay hydrated! Although you experience a lot of water coming from above, drink enough and take enough energy to finish strong!
  4. Focus on the race! Although the rain can be distracting, keep your head up and be aware of wet and slippery grounds. If you focus on the race and not the rain, you can even overtake superhero, like Tom.
  5. Smile! Start flirting with the photographer. You will love your race photos later!

Staten Island Half Two Swiss Running

What to do on Staten Island – rain or shine

Staten Island has a lot to offer! During the race we got curious about the following four sighs, all along the race course and we worth another visit to Staten Island.

South Beach, “The Rivera of New York City”, with its’ beautiful boardwalk, which stretches almost two miles, is a popular destination in summer. Also on a late summers’ day a walk along the beach, on the south of the Staten Island side of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, makes you feel like miles away from the city.


Fort Wadsworth, a former military installation, situated on a narrow  part of the New York Bay and port entrance. An important point to defense Manhattan and the Upper Bay and beyond. The National Park Service is offering tours daily to learn more about the Fort and its various functions over the years. A beautiful lookout towards Manhattan or the Verrazano Bridge and starting point for the New York City Marathon.

Staten Island Fort Wadsworth

Alice Austen Park, easily to miss on race day, with a most beautiful on Manhattan. Alice Austen, a talented photographer, who gained recognition for her work late in her career. A cottage, her grandparent’s home, shows an exhibition about her work in New York and beyond.


The Staten Island September 11th Memorial, a short walk from the Ferry Terminal and right behind the ballpark. Postcards, a memorial to the 275 Staten Islanders lost on September 11, 2001, it frames the location across the water where the towers once stood.


Which race did you survive in the rain?

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