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Two Swiss Running

two swiss running nyc marathon 2015

We, Anne and Tom, are a Swiss couple combining our passion for running & traveling the United States, Switzerland & beyond.

Tom is working in the banking industry for more than sixteen years. To prevent putting on weight he started running frequently in 2012. So far he drained more than 16 pair of running shoes. He enjoys running at lunch time with colleges at work to keep in good shape, get some fresh air and have a chat outside the office. He also likes actively watching soccer and ice hockey with his friends.

Anne is working as a Coach and HR Consultant, supporting Young Professionals to plan and develop a meaningful career. She is a morning bird and enjoys seeing the sunrise while taking her (daily) running dose. She caught the travel bug at an early age, going places from Alaska to Australia and Hawaii to Shanghai. She loves a good cup of coffee (also in combination with a sweet little cupcake) and adores the smell of fresh flowers (she has a green thump since childhood).

You don’t have to be a professional runner to participate and have fun at races while exploring a neighborhood, city or district. Our site is filled with travel tips and running ideas for those who run for life, love the “bling bling” (like Anne) or want to cross the finish line with a new PR (like Tom). – We hope to help you make the most of exploring a city or a country and inspire you to see it from a different perspective wearing your running shoes!

We ran and traveled the United States, Bermuda, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany among others.

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